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Friday, April 22, 2011

Newbie to Seduced By History

Hello! Since I'm new to Seduced By History I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Christina, one of the unpubbed writers here, and I am addicted to history. I'm also a wife, a mother of four (one YA and three teenagers), and on occasion I help hubs out at the upholstery shop where I get to fawn over all kinds of antiques. I have three furbies (one Great Dane, a Lab-Mastiff mix, and a terrier. Actually the terrier belongs to my oldest, he just never moved out when she did).

I write romance anywhere from Ancient Israel to Westerns set in Kansas. There are even a few Scottish Historicals sprinkled in the mix. Did I mention I'm addicted to historicals? With the wide spectrum of historicals I found it necessary to work at building two brands. Christina Rich and Renee Lynn Scott.

Currently I'm (Renee) working on finishing up a Western and I'm (Christina) polishing my Biblical. So I'm sure you'll find a wide variety of blogs from me. It should make for interesting reading.

Are there any particular topics you'd like to see from the Biblical, Pioneer, Western eras? I'll leave the Scottish to the experts. Come to think of it, I should leave the Westerns to the experts too. ;) 

You can find me (Christina) at http://christinarich.wordpress.com/ and Renee at http://www.reneelynnscott.com/

Happy Friday,



Anonymous said...

Hello, Renee/Christina,
I just read an interesting statement (I wouldn't want to say it was fact) that all Celts are from Israel, so your Biblical knowledge gives you license to speak as you will about the Scots, unless the other interesting statement I read in the same book is true and the Scots are from Russia!

Renee said...

LOL, Lily! Thank you for your vote of confidence. When I look at the vast knowledge of others when it comes to Celt topics, I tend to shy away.

I've actually heard both. It would make for interesting research. If you want my very biased opinion, since my blood is very thick with Scotch/Irish, and I love Israel, I'd say we originated from Israel. What would be really interesting is to see comparisons of DNA profiles between the two cultures.

Ann Lethbridge said...

Renee, or whichever alter ego is popping in (lol), your love of all things historical make you a bit hit with me. While I write Regencies and earlier Georgians, I love to read about any era, so I am looking forward to your posts.
Welcome to the blog and best wishes,

Ann Lethbridge said...

That would be a big hit. Now I read that comment twice and still didn't see the typo until it was printed.

Renee said...

Ann, thank you for stopping by. I'm a huge fan of reading Regencies but I could never write them. Too many intricacies, too many dos and don'ts.

Paty Jager said...

Welcome, Christina!

Renee said...

Thank you, Paty!

Aislinn said...

Hi Christina. Looking forward to reading your posts on whatever topic you can come up with.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Christina/Renee, Welcome to the blog. I'm happy to meet someone else who has eclectic tastes. I write books set in the west, both romances (published there) and cozy mysteries I'm now marketing (translation, hoping for a contract). LOL Best of luck to you.

Christina said...

Hi, Aislinn. Thank you for the welcome!

Christina said...

Caroline, I love watching mysteries on television. I'm trying to get up the gusto to add them to my reading list. There are just so many good historical romances out there to fill my time.