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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Victoria's Top Ten Reasons to Love a Pirate

I have a confession...this post has nothing to do with history...other than the fact that pirates have sailed the seas throughout history. Given that Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow is gracing the silver screen again in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, I have pirates on the brain. I adore a good pirate romance...my alter-ego, Tara Kingston, has a pirate novella coming out on June 10 from Ellora's Cave (shameless plug!)...next month, I'll take a more serious look at pirates. But for now, here are my top ten reasons to love a pirate:

1. You never have to worry about a pirate having a midlife crisis and running off to sail the world.
2. All that swashbuckling is great for a buff upper body.
3. Sword fighting is great for the buns – think of all those lunges!
4. Pirates always have sexy stubble at a perfect length.
5. Pirates can hold their liquor. No self-respecting pirate drinks a few ales and winds up snoring on the couch.
6. Pirates really know what to do with their swords…get your minds out the gutter, folks!
7. Pirates know how to sweep a girl off her feet…often in the most literal sense!
8. A pirate knows his way around with only the stars and a compass to guide him…no annoying “Tom Tom” voice bossing him around.
9. Pirates never choose mowing the lawn over ravishing their women.
10.  Last, but not least, have I mentioned Captain Jack Sparrow...swooning as I type...

What are your favorite reasons to love a pirate????


Eliza Knight said...

Awesome list Wendy/Tara!!! Not sure I can add anything to it... I love pirates because they are historical bad boys, and its fun to explore their more redeeming qualities... Pirate are dead sexy... Love their swords! HUGS and I can't wait for your release!

Amy said...

LOVE it!!! I love pirate because there's something wickedly sexy about a man who can look dashing in a puffy shirt! Great post! Good luck with your novella!

Alison H. said...

Loved the list, and I didn't even know you have an alter ego! As for pirates - it's the boots! I love those over-the-knee pirate boots and tight pants. Aaargh!!

Victoria Gray said...

Eliza - can't wait for your new release, too. A Pirate's Bounty looks spectacular!

Amy - ah, the infamous puffy shirt...now I'm thinking about Jerry Seinfeld instead of Johnny Depp...gotta get back into Jack Sparrow mode!

Alison - Tara's "new"...I feel like Sybil with all these personalities...she's very different from Victoria with her Civil War rogues ;)

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

I agree with Liza - they make bad boys look good. :) I don't usually like to see a man in an earring, but one dangling from a pirates ear is tantalizying. YUMMMMM AND they love to resuce heroines. :)

Victoria Gray said...

I love the way they like to ravish heroines, Paisley ;)

Yep, they sure do make great bad boy heroes...and they're so much fun to reform!

Debby Lee said...

Hi Victoria, I don't usually go for guys with dark features but I can't resist a swarthy pirate. There seems to be an air of mystery about them, they seem so reckless and fearless. OK, I better quit for now and go watch some Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.