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Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011 - One Word

Lately, I've been challenged getting revisions done on my current book. Life keeps throwing me curves that require my attention. That is why this particular subject caught my attention a few weeks ago...

I listen to K-LOVE Positive Radio whenever I’m driving.

In January the two main radio hosts, Lisa and Eric, spoke about yearly goals and New Year resolutions and (unfortunately) how difficult they are to keep. Change is difficult--not impossible--but it requires strong commitment.

So instead of making a list of New Year resolutions, they asked people to consider having one word for the year. Eric’s word was DEEPER. He wanted a deeper relationship with his wife, a deeper walk with God. In contrast, Lisa said her word was SHALLOWER, as she tended to go overboard on everything in life—doing too much, never saying no…

It made me think about what my one word would be.

My life has been filled to the brim with so much busy-ness lately. I make sure there is food in the fridge, the house is clean (to a point), and there are clean clothes for everyone to wear, but I want so much more than that. I want time to write down the stories in my head--the one's about honor and bravery and love that overcomes all. So, after careful deliberation, I have decided my one word for this year is: SIMPLIFY.

To start, I’m clearing out the things that clutter my life. I'm going through things I’ve had for years and never used—old clothes, old books, old music--and clearing them out. I’ve heard it said that your possessions own you. Well—I’m not going to give them a chance! I’ll admit I have several things that I will never get rid of because they have deep meaning to me, but there are other things that can go—and will go.

But now I’m curious. What is your one word for 2011?

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Kathryn Albright is the award-winning author of The Rebel and the Lady by Harlequin Historicals. To know more about her and her books, visit her website: www.kathrynalbright.com


Caroline Clemmons said...

I'm doing the same thing--simplifying my life. At least that's my goal. So far, I can't see that much change. Perhaps by the end of the year my plan will have made a noticeable difference in my life and, thereby, my family's life. Good post.

Sally said...

I chose a phrase "Be Not Afraid" and posted about it here: http://livelearnwithsally.blogspot.com/2011/01/be-not-afraid.html

Renee said...

I love K-Love. When they first started the one word I couldn't think of anything. I still can't, but I think that is because my life is over-cluttered. I'm trying to find a way to declutter so that I can find that one word for 2011.