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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Possible Link Between Accuracy of Facts and 4 Star RT Book Review

In the May issue of RT Book Reviews is a 4 Star rating and book review for Northern Roses and Southern Belles. I'm thrilled that this anthology of Civil War stories and one post Civil War story found recognition not only by a reviewer for RT Book Reviews, but also other reviewers.

How did this happen? Was it pure luck, or did we six authors bring it about by writing the best stories we could that incorporated the most accurate facts we found? I believe it's the latter rather than pure luck. We researched incidents surrounding the Civil War and chose our external plots according to what interested each of us the most. Discovering all the facts followed next as we each studied our selected bit of history.

We gathered information and facts from various sources. Even though a couple of us chose stories that came from our family history, we researched the historical incidents involved. I used the Handbook of Texas Online where I found articles about people who had been involved in the history surrounding my story, "Are You Going to the Dance?" In addition, I used information from notes I had taken years ago from a couple of library books about intriguing incidents in Texas after the Civil War.

We wrote down our ideas and ran them by each other. Satisfied we were on the right track, we wrote rough drafts. After another round of critiques we fleshed out our stories. More critiquing followed until we each felt we'd written the best story we could.

In addition to our research and careful writing, we had an excellent editor from The Wild Rose Press who helped us fine tune our stories. The project took a lot of hard work from all of us to achieve the great results we've enjoyed. We crafted romance stories based on historical facts. Not only can our readers enjoy reading the romances, but they can learn a bit of history at the same time. We're confident we wrote romances that entertain while being historically accurate. For readers of historical romance, isn't that what makes a great story?

Northern Roses and Southern Belles, by Susan Macatee, Mary Ann Webber, Jeanmarie Hamilton, Jennifer Ross, Isabel Roman, and Caroline Clemmons, can be found at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon.com, and various other booksellers online.

Jeanmarie Hamilton


Nicole McCaffrey said...

It's a great read, Jean Marie, I enjoyed each of the stories.

The authors did a fantastic job of bringing history to life through the characters.

Diana Cosby said...

Congratulations on your 4 Star RT rating for Northern Roses and Southern Belles! In addition to the facts you mentioned, I think your passion to bring your ancestors alive in story added another wonderful layer. *Hugs* I wish you continued success!


Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Great blog, Jeanmarie. I know how much work and love you all put into your stories. Not surprised you are doing so well.

Laurel Bradley said...

Great blog. Congratulations on the 4 Star RT rating. I know how close to your heart your story is and am glad it's receiving positive recognition. Yeah!

Susan Macatee said...

I'm psyched about that 4 star RT rating for our anthology, Jeanmarie! All of the stories were great and so full of history. I completely enjoyed reading all my anthology mate's stories. And I'm so glad American Civil War romances are finally getting some recognition.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Jeanmarie, Well written post! I'm so pleased you wrote about our anthology when you have other prize winning novellas you could have chosen. Thanks!

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Thanks so much. Your encouragement of our project was key. :-)


Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Great to see you here! Thanks for the congrats and good wishes. :-)

I've discovered it's enlightening to write stories inspired by my family.
*Hugs* continued success to you too. Looking forward to your next book. Write faster!


Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

I know you're working just as hard. I'm looking forward to reading your stories in print.

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Hi Laurel!
Thanks for the congrats on the 4 Star rating! We were definitely excited about that. Thanks so much for your support. :-)


Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

I enjoyed all of our stories too. Every one worthy of historical romance readers looking for a great story to read. Such an amazing period in our history.


Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

With the RT Convention in progress right now in Ohio, this seemed the opportune time to talk about the background of our anthology and the 4 Star Review from RT Book Reviews Magazine.
Thanks for your continued support. Couldn't do it without you. :-)

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

I love the title of this blog post. It's fascinating to learn about another author's process in writing a story. It's especially interesting that your group of writers worked together to create an anthology. And your 4 star review also shows that writing in a historical time period that you love causes success.

Diane M. Wylie said...

Great blog post, Jeanmarie. It says alot about you and the other authors' passion for your subject that you took the time to consult with each other on the anthology stories. You deserve the 4 star RT review. Congratulations to you all!

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Thanks so much for your comments and insight. Yes, I guess our love of the time period gave a certain passion to our stories. No wonder we're all members of the Scandalous Victorians. ;-)

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Thanks for coming by! Yes, we worked together and actually formed a yahoo loop while we wrote the stories so we could critique and proof each other's work. Little did we know at the time the importance of forming our group. Thanks so much, on behalf of all of us involved with Northern Roses and Southern Belles. :-)


Virginia said...

I would love to read this book, it sounds great!

Brandy said...

I love historicals!!!

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Great to hear from you. I'm sure you would enjoy our anthology. :-)
Thanks for dropping by!


Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Thanks for saying so. Be sure to check out Northern Roses and Southern Belles!


Carol L. said...

I definitely want to read Northern Roses and Southern Belles. So much emotion must have gone into this Anthology. Great post. I enjoyed reading it. Congrats on the 4 star review.
Carol L.

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Thanks so much for your encouraging post. We are passionate about this anthology because we care about the characters and the subject. Thanks also for the congrats on the 4 Star review from RT!


librarypat said...

I will be checking this one out. Anthologies are a personal favorite and your subject matter is a rich source for good stories.
I am happy for you that it was so well received.