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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My new toy

What has this to do with Historical romance, you asked. Okay,
let me explain. I recently heard from several writing friends
that their latest purchase was a netbook. I never heard of a
netbook, so I looked into it. Low and behold, it's a little
computer. Not as capable as a laptop, nothing like a tower,
not a whole lot of memory, but for a writer of Historical
romance (thought I'd forgotten, hey!) this is perfect. I
can do e-mail, do some research on the web, and write.

I downloaded my word processor program, and my dictionary on the
little computer, and away I went. It doesn't have a full keyboard,
but what I needed most were the same keys I use on my big keyboard.
I don't need a lot of number, or most of the function keys, so
this is perfect.

I can download my WIP into a flash drive and copy to my big computer,
where I can print, edit, and all the other things you'd do on
a full-sized computer or laptop. Additionally, because it's wireless,
and light weight, it can go with me. I finished part of a chapter
at the doctor's office, as I waited my usual forty-five minutes.

I ended up in the hospital for several days and the netbook allowed
me to write another chapter between the blood pressure, medicine
and other endless procedures.

Because it's inexpensive, I didn't mind spending the money for
the little thing. If you often have to be away from your
computer, and don't want to lug a heavy laptop around, you
might want to consider a netbook. I'm certainly glad I have
one. I've almost completed my medieval sequel to "Heartsong"
because of my new little toy. Hooray!

Allison Knight


Susan Macatee said...

It sounds like a great toy! Anything that allows you to write when you're away from home has to be good!

Caffey said...

Hi Alison! I so want a netbook too! Isn't the prices pretty good for them? I think it would be great to use to read ebooks on too! I use a Ebookwise so I can't read secure books on them, but I can on the PC and even a laptop is bulky for it. I figured I could keep the ebooks on a memory thing (I am so not techy) Hope you're feeling better too! I will be looking forward to your Medieval! I have to make sure I got HEARTSONG!